The Beach

Ezra Yeki had always admired the freedom that birds possessed while they took flight. He watched closely at how they easily manipulated the white clouds set against the blue canvas sky.

“They change course with no regret and with no apology! They are just birds who do what all birds are born to do; they fly when all else fails,” he thought.

He loved having time for himself. He loved to run. He would run the distance like an athlete, like a miler training for the Boston Marathon, but solely, he would run the distance to get away from the pain he had encapsulated. But, it had been awhile since his last stride.

He took to the pavement and his mind felt strong. He glanced at his fit bit and began to increase with every stride. Minuscule objects in the distance began to grow as did the Kaleidoscopic colors that danced ahead. He monitored the burn that entered both nostrils and imagined a flare being released as he exhaled.

In a short distance, he would enter into the pulse of Los Olas Boulevard. This must-visit premier shopping destination has been listed as a memorable forefront for locals and visitors to South Florida.

The sweat on Ezra’s face and arms glistened as his body began to reflect the multitude of colored lights that were used by business owners to entice the crowds who swarmed the fashion boutiques and live bands playing popular tunes of the 90’s.

As he exhausted his second wind and the ruckus subsided, Ezra reached the turn-off and took to the gravel that would end his journey. As he neared the end of his trek he read the sign that welcomed visitors to the Beach Place Apartments. The road quickly veered right into the parking lot that had yet to be filled.

Ezra took the first step up and reached his apartment door. He disappeared from the site and the red door closed behind him.

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